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The European financial crisis

Angela Merkel has to constantly maneuver to get her European policy accepted, this being complicated with elections next year. The German Chancellor, is not a petticoat in Bismarck as her position in Berlin is the most fragile. Angela Merkel is culturally and politically light years away from the Iron Chancellor.

She is often presented in France as a sort of deus ex machina that controls rain and weather in Europe with the obsession to rule the EU. The reality is more prosaic. Angela Merkel must constantly negotiate with her national party, around institutional obstacles, operate with her own camp. She compares herself to a serious and efficient housewife.

In the words of of a diplomat she is not a gambler, as she puts her foot forward only when it is sure that the ground is solid. The guardians of the German monetary temple and the Chancellor in the first place were holding their breath this week until a white smoke came out of the conclave meeting in Karlsruhe where the judges of the Constitutional Court assembled.

A negative response could have seriously damaged the fiscal stability of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), yet already ratified by the Bundestag by a majority of two thirds. Also a refusal by the judges would probably have blown the eurozone itself. Nothing less.

Angela Merkel breathed a sigh of relief at the news. Note that the Court stated that if the limit of 190 billion in loans, the amount of the German contribution to the MES – is passed to help other European countries in difficulty, it would require a fresh vote by the Bundestag. This would be the ninth time.

The obsession of the court is that any devolution of power to Europe is controlled by the Parliament. Also another concern is to not get marginalized. Another threatening institution jealous of Angela`s prerogatives is the Bundesbank directed by Jens Weidmann, the true guardian of the temple of monetary orthodoxy. Weidmann does not like the encroachment of the European Central Bank (ECB) and his boss, Mario Draghi.

The fragile coalition supporting Angela Merkel must also reckon with some political realities. The CDU has lost all regional elections in recent years, including those of Baden-Württemberg. The coalition with the liberal FDP is not easy. The CSU, the Bavarian branch of the CDU, is threatened in its stronghold and engages in some bidding to try to regain lost ground.

The CDU remains ahead in the polls one year before the next general election, and the Chancellor is very popular. But if she wants a serious chance of winning the election, she will find a partner, as the German system does not allow to obtain an absolute majority of seats as it is proportional. However, the liberal FDP are adrift in the polls and may not pass the dreaded 5% needed to be represented in the Bundestag. Then, a new grand coalition with the Social Democrats may arise.

True credit repair

credit repairAnyone can dispute negative items any time at their own free will, but the following system is revolutionary in its success and does not compare to the standard shot in the dark dispute process.

We address the collectors and creditors directly using custom targeted legal documents allowing for a true change in the status of your account from within the collector/creditor’s system. Addressing only the credit bureaus won’t get the job done, since the creditor or collector can simply re-report your account again. Once the account is no longer valid with the collector, then the credit bureaus must delete it and neither collector nor credit bureau can re-report it again.

The system detailed below accomplishes this with striking precision. Below are the 3 steps necessary for a true and complete credit restoration.

Step 1: This step is completely free and is provided in Good Faith as a courtesy public service to all who are struggling with bad credit.

Free ordering of your Official Standardized Credit Reports directly from the Bureaus. Attention! Online credit reports are not the same as the standardized paper reports and don’t contain your full credit information. Free professional interpretation of all three of your credit reports by a credit expert which includes:

a. Educational explanation of the credit system *Upon request.
b. Explanation of what is affecting your credit scores negatively + positively.
c. Credit Balance analysis.
d. Up to 30 minutes for answering any questions you may have about credit.
e. Realistic and reasonable plan to restore your credit to it’s Top Score.

Step 2: This step puts into action the plan which is drawn up in step 1 and includes:

f. Elite Credit Counsel Membership for 1 year. This joins you with a personal and caring credit expert who will work with all your questions and concerns about credit reports, credit cards, collectors & attorneys, along with priceless information which can not only prevent lawsuits but help increase your chances to win/stop them if you’re being sued by the collection company.
g. Negative Item Removal: This is a free service which involves:

Our company contacts Collectors, Attorneys, Creditors, Credit bureaus, Federal Trade Commission and Attorney Generals as necessary. We complete this phase effectively by using powerful legal methods to put a checkmate on their collection efforts as well as make them remove credit damaging marks from the credit reports. This process is 95-100% effective and results are seen within the first 30-45 days. Again, this service is completely free!

Step 3: Rebuilding, Summarization & Finalization.

Although this is the third and final step, it is perhaps one of the most important steps since it gives you the total picture and understanding, support and confidence as well as Results! It includes:

h. Detailed review of investigation results and addressing any further concerns or issues.
i. Sharing information necessary to rebuild positive credit status (removing negative items is one big part of achieving your Top Credit Score, but rebuilding new positive credit after the mess is cleaned up is just as important). We assist you in opening new accounts, balancing proper credit, and simple methods to keep you out of trouble and increase your credit score fast!

Income Tax Bracket

The terminology “tax bracket” has been defined as the line separating the tax percentage rates based on different income levels.  The most important aspect about understanding tax brackets and their function is that they help you to understand how much of your income you will be allowed to keep after being taxed on that income. 

Additionally, if you are considering changing jobs and will be earning more money, this will help you calculate how much of that additional income you will be able to keep and whether or not it will be worth it to take a different job.


The following information will give you an idea as to how to determine the tax bracket you will fall into based on your income:

Here is a simple example – the first $7,825 of income will be taxed at a rate of 10% and when you move into the next bracket it rises to 15%.  In other words, if you earn $8,000, the $175 dollars over the 10% bracket will be taxed at 15%.

Filing status will determine your tax bracket – the typical statuses are:

  • head of household
  • married filing jointly
  • married filing separately
  • single
  • widow or widower

Talk to your company’s Human Resources Department – if you are unsure of the tax bracket you are going to fall into, talk with someone in your employer’s HR Department.  Or you can look at your most current stub from your pay checks.  If you are paid weekly, multiply your income gross by 52.  If you are paid bi-weekly, then you would multiply your gross by 26.

Consult the IRS’ website to figure out your tax bracket – once you have completed the prior step, visit the IRS website and search using the keywords “federal tax rate schedules.”  Be aware that tax rates do change annually, so the rates you find may not be the actual ones for the current year.

Locate the bracket that applies to you – once you have determined what your annual income is going to be, you can locate the tax rate schedules at the IRS website that applies to your filing status to determine your taxes.  Simply locate the columns which state “over” and “but not over” to find the tax that applies to your income amount.


You can greatly simplify the process of filing your income taxes by using tax preparation software. These programs have become very advanced and can guide you step by step, from helping you figure out what information to enter where, to including all your borrowings, to determining what deductions you’re eligible for, to handling the actual e-filing of your return.

There even are built-in calculators and error checkers that automatically verify your information and alert you if you’ve made a mistake. In the specific context of this article, the question becomes a non-issue, because the software will automatically calculate your yearly income and assign you to the right bracket. It’s worth looking into.

The Entire Loan Application Process Explained

Everyone is interested in payday loans these days. There comes a time when everyone needs cash quickly and being between paychecks can be a problem. Most people do in fact live from paycheck to paycheck, which is why the payday loans are an excellent option.

The application process is not as involved as one would think. First one simply needs to find the vender they wish to work with. It is advisable to check interest rates and to also make sure what the terms are, before the paperwork is started. The application process goes a little like this:

If one is completing their application online they will need to have various information, which includes:

  • Complete Name Which Matches Identification
  • Employment Information and Current Pay-stub For Reference
  • Any Vehicle Information If Using As Collateral
  • The Names and Telephone Numbers Of Three References

Once that information is obtained, it is easy to complete the application. The complete application will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes from start to finish. If doing the application online, you will wait for an email that says the approval an amount.

They will often ask for a bank statement and current photo ID, along with the most recent pay-stub to be faxed to their corporate headquarters. Be advised that the bank statement must be within the last month and should not have any negative balances. While some companies might take these with a certain amount of negatives, others will not. The pay-stub needs to be the most recent and should be able to verify your employment; this will keep from having to call the employer, which can be embarrassing.

Some places might ask for a second id, such as a social security card, or a credit card. If in person they are going to ask for a check wrote out for the amount in addition to the finance charges. Most companies will give you till your next payday or up to 2 weeks. There are a few companies who do offer longer payment periods, but the finance charges are a bit higher. The check that you write will be deposited on the next pay date. If the application process is done online, then they will do an ACH withdraw from the account. The ACH is simply where they can debit the funds from the account without having a check present.

The final step is to fill out an agreement. This agreement shows the finance charges that one is paying, as well as the total amount that will be due. This should match the amount that they ask the check to be filled out for. Most companies do have the option to pay off the loan early, but the finance charges are still the same. After the agreement is filled out, they will release the cash. Obtaining a payday loan can be an easy process and can be very beneficial.